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Sex Educated – by Grace Alice O’Shea

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Sex Educated – by Grace Alice O’Shea



It’s an exciting time for us here in Sexual Health West. Our former Relationships & Sexuality Educator Grace O’Shea (aka ‘Grace Alice’) has authored an amazing book “Sex Educated”, supported by a team of RSE educators as editors.

The book idea came from answering thousands of questions over the years of teaching RSE in classrooms, giving our WISER (West of Ireland Sexuality Education Resource) team a unique and invaluable insight into the mind of young people; their worries, the curiosities, their fears and what information they are unearthing on the internet. As we know the best sex education is not based solely on answering questions with facts and figures. It is rooted in empathy, respect, kindness, inclusivity, justice, patience and passion; yes it’s about bodies, but it’s about hearts and minds too. Sex, sexuality and sexual health are integral parts of being human, healthy and happy.

This book meets the needs of young people in Ireland where they are now, and tells them what they want and need to know with evidence-based, factual, age-appropriate information.

So, if you have or know any young person, one who is trying to figure out what feels good or right for them, who isn’t sure who they are attracted to, who doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, or who or wants some guidance on how good relationships even work, this book is for you.

14 reviews for Sex Educated – by Grace Alice O’Shea

  1. Kevin

    Highly recommend this book – great work by Grace!

  2. Scarlet

    I bought this book for my 15 year old daughter. I thought it was very clear and direct but friendly at the same time, it isn’t a boring or serious book despite the importance of the topic. I love the way it feels like a chat rather than a lecture.
    My daughter found it easy to read also, she said she knew bits of information from all the chapters – but it was great to have so much in one place so you can get the full picture on one topic all at once if you wanted to or you could just read the relevant question and leave it at that.

  3. Eimear

    Excellent book. So well written and accessible for everyone, particularly young people.

  4. Alison

    A fantastic read that provides vital information in a concise way. Fantastic work by the team!

  5. George

    Fantastic book which is both accessible and informative. A tremendous achievement by the author. Highly recommended.

  6. Liz Tully

    An absolute game changer for parents. Providing the facts and debunking the myths in a clear and engaging way. A fantastic resource to empower and inform. Well done Grace Alice and team!

  7. Olivia

    Highly recommend this book. Up to date and very honest and informative, fantastic foundations as well as a fountain of knowledge for the young person in your life!

  8. Aoife Jean

    A great resource for youth AND adults who missed out on comprehensive sex education. Grace writes with such compassion and knowledge that will help answer any queries the young people in your life may have.

  9. Sharon Gallagher

    This book came at a perfect time for me and my 14 year old. It covers so much of what the teenagers are talking about between themselves in a really clear and informative way . Excellent resource for the adults and kids.

  10. Edel

    Up to date,includes more than just heterosexual relationships and should be on the RSE curriculum in post primary schools.

  11. Amelia

    Sex Educated is an amazing publication, I wish it had been around when I was a teenager. Grace Alice O’Shea’s writing is clear, unjudgemental and accessible, and the advice is objective, broad-minded and enlightening. The range of topics covered is incredibly thorough, and addressed in an age-appropriate way. There are things to learn from this book even as an adult. Ciara Coogan’s illustrations are brilliant. A must have for every parent.

  12. Eoin

    Really comprehensive and great to see something liek this being available for people

  13. Jane

    This book is brilliant, all topics regarding to relationships & sexuality are covered so well in a non judgemental, thorough way. Love the fact that it is a compilation of all the questions students asked Grace when she was a sex educator with Sexual Health West. Illustrations are so clear and visual. All in all a fantastic for parents and teachers of RSE.

  14. Bima

    This is definitely a book I’d recommend for those who lacked any form of sex education as a kid. For parents, teachers & children alike! Plus the art is wonderful too!

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