Post Exposure Prophylaxis

This emergency treatment could stop your partner contracting HIV.  PEP is a month-long course of anti-retroviral drugs that can make it less likely that someone gets HIV.

If you have a regular partner, it’s a good idea to make sure that s/he knows about PEP. Also, you might want to tell a partner about PEP if a condom breaks, or if you have unprotected sex, then realise afterwards that your partner is HIV negative (or they realise afterwards that you are HIV positive). PEP must be started quickly – the sooner, the better. This should be within 24 hours of the risky sex, and definitely no later than 72 hours (three days).

PEP involves taking anti-HIV drugs every day for four weeks.

PEP is free and is available in most STI/GUM clinics and Hospital Emergency Departments.